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Raquel Lopez
raquel lopez

Raquel Lopez

Associate Professor of Psychology

Raquel Lopez is an associate professor of psychology at St. Norbert College who enjoys working with students both inside and outside of the classroom. She is a former Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Scholar who cares deeply about helping students from underrepresented groups navigate the world of higher education. She is a recipient of the Leonard Ledvina Outstanding Teacher Award from SNC.

A developmental psychologist by training, Lopez is interested in understanding how early adversity influences decision-making processes later in life. She and her students in the Developmental Decision-Making Lab explore these questions using electroencephalographic (EEG) techniques. She enjoys teaching students about how humans change over time and hopes to convey the importance of understanding the complex relationship between one’s development and their environment.

  • PSYC 100 Introductory Psychological Science
  • PSYC 215 Human Sexuality
  • PSYC 220 Lifespan Human Development
  • PSYC 301 Basic Principles and Methods of Psychological Research
  • PSYC 315 Childhood Adversity & Resilience

  • B.S. – Westminster College
  • M.A. – Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota
  • Ph.D. – Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota
  • Postdoctoral training – Wisdom Grant, University of Chicago

  • Early adversity
  • Brain development
  • EEG/ERP methodology
  • Cognition
  • Sexual decision-making

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