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Toni Maisano
toni maisano

Toni Maisano

Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies
Communication + Media Studies920-403-4222

Toni Maisano is an assistant professor of communication and media studies who joined the St. Norbert College community in 2020. Her research focuses on ways in which families communicate to make sense of identity and difference. Currently, she is researching how families cope with significant religious differences, and how parents and children can communicate in ways that convey acceptance of each other.

  • COME 305 Social Identity and Intergroup Communication
  • COME 312 Communication and Mental Health
  • COME 328 Family Communication
  • COME 427 Communication Capstone

  • B.S. – Abilene Christian University
  • M.A. – Texas State University
  • Ph.D. – University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Family communication
  • Social identity
  • Religious and political difference
  • Intergroup dialogue
  • Mental health and wellness

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Morgan, T.M., Soliz, J., Minniear, M., & Bergquist, G. (2020). Communication accommodation and identity gaps as predictors of relational solidarity in interfaith family relationships. Communication Reports, 33, 41-54. doi:10.1080/08934215.2019.1692052

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