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Minor requirements

Business administration

Business administration minor

Business administration minor

Sports management minor

Sports management minor

BUAD 212 Introduction to Sports Management

COME 390 Sports Media

BUAD 360 Sports Marketing

• Sport and Humanities/Social Sciences Elective

• Business of Sport Elective

• Experiential Learning Capstone

Below are the possible Sport and Humanities/Social Sciences electives.

One of the following courses:

BUAD 312 Women in Sports

PHIL 208 Philosophy of Sports

Below are the possible Business of Sport electives.

One of the following courses:

BUAD 214 Intro to Event and Venue Management

BUAD 236 Human Resource Management and Sports

BUAD 386 Leading Through Adversity

ECON 340 Economics of Sports

Students will choose one of the following to fulfill the Experiential Learning Capstone requirement:

• Internship

• Independent Study

• Internship Abroad

Total Credits Required: 24