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Major requirements

International studies

International studies major

International studies major

Core Requirements (16 credits)

Core requirements must be taken at St. Norbert College. 


INTL / POLI 150 Introduction to International Studies

POLI 350 International Relations

INTL 400 International Studies Capstone

One of the following courses:

POLI 352 International Law and Human Rights

POLI 353 United States Foreign Policy

POLI 355 International Organizations

POLI 362 The Global South in the 21st Century

SSCI 224 Basic Statistics is also highly recommended for International Studies majors.


Interdisciplinary Requirements (24 credits)

  • All students must choose a primary geographic concentration.
  • Students must take three courses from their primary geographical region.
  • Students must take two courses from Global Options or from geographic concentrations other than their primary concentration.
  • No more than two courses from another major may count towards the IS interdisciplinary section.
  • A minimum of three courses in this section must be taken at St. Norbert College.
  • Courses may not be double-counted within the IS major. 


1. Global Options

ENVS 300 Environmental Science

GEOG 140 World Regions and Issues

GEOG 225 Social Geography

GEOG 363 Global Urbanizations

SSCI 301 Environment and Society

THRS 340 World Religions in Dialogue


2. Africa Concentration

HIST 117 Survey of African History 1

HIST 119 Survey of African History 2

HIST 320 Genocide

HIST / WMGS 335 Women and Work

HIST 341 Islam and Victorianism in 19th-Century Africa

HIST 345 Slavery in World History

WMGS / HIST 351 Women, Gender and Imperialism

SSCI 333 Issues in African Development


3. Asia Concentration

JAPN 375 Japanese Civilization

HIST 361 Late Imperial China

HIST 362 Modern Japan

HIST 363 Modern China

HIST 364 Modern Korea

THRS / PHIL 265 Asian Philosophy and Religion


4. European Concentration

FREN 375 French Civilization, Literature, and Identity: The Revolution to Modernity

GERM 375 Modern Germany: 1850-1950

SPAN 375 Spanish Civilization

HIST 113 History of Western Civilization 2: Early Modern and Modern Europe

HIST 350 The History of Modern Europe


5. Latin America Concentration

HIST 131 Colonial Latin America

HIST 132 Modern Latin America

HIST 371 Revolutions in Latin America

HIST 372 Borderlands in Latin America

HIST 373 The U.S. in Latin America

POLI 368 Latin American Politics Through Film, Art, Poetry and Music

SPAN 365 Latin American Civilization: South America and the Caribbean

SPAN 370 Latin American Civilization: Mexico and Central America


6. Middle East Concentration

HIST 120 Survey of Middle Eastern History

HIST 340 Israel/Palestine: The Roots of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

HIST 341 Islam and Victorianism in 19th-Century Africa

HIST 343 The Modern Middle East

HIST 354 Issues in the Contemporary Middle East


7. United States Concentration (for international students only)

ENGL 235 Survey of U.S. Literature 1: Beginnings to 1865

ENGL 236 Survey of U.S. Literature 2: 1865 to the Present

HIST 114 History of the United States 1

HIST 115 History of the United States 2

HIST 131 Colonial Latin America

POLI 353 United States Foreign Policy

Total Credits Required: 40

A semester studying abroad is required (12 credits minimum). 

All International Studies majors are required to study abroad for one semester. They typically study abroad in their junior year. 

Study Abroad Guidelines:

  • International Studies majors should meet with the Director of International Studies in their first year or as soon as they choose the major, to discuss their academic goals to ensure they choose a study abroad program tailored to their academic and future professional goals. 
  • Students are encouraged to study abroad in their geographical region of concentration.
  • Students are encouraged to study abroad in programs emphasizing community engagement through internships, service learning, or volunteer work opportunities, such as the School for International Training (SIT) programs. 
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