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Major requirements


Art major (education sequence)

Art major (education sequence)

Graphic design major

Graphic design major

ART 130 Introduction to Design

ART 131 Introduction to Studio Art

ART 134 Basic Drawing

ART 235 Computer Graphics

ART 280 Introduction to Photography and Digital Imaging

ART 335 Advertising Design

ART 460 Digital Studio

ART 480 Advanced Studio

ART 485 Design for the Web

ART 499 Senior Art Capstone (required for all majors)

Any Studio Course at the 300 level or above

One of the following courses:

ART 224 Introduction to Sculpture

ART 230 Beginning Printmaking

ART 240 Introductory Painting

Total Credits Required: 52

Art majors will complete a required portfolio review during sophomore year. Majors must also submit an exhibition proposal for approval before registering for ART 499.

Studio art major

Studio art major