Students sing on stage during a performance background

Major requirements

Interdisciplinary arts

Interdisciplinary arts major

Interdisciplinary arts major

Total Credits Required: 60

Three 100-level courses, one from each VISP discipline
Three 200-level courses, from any VISP discipline
Three 300-level courses, from any VISP discipline
One 400-level course from any VISP discipline (a special topics or independent study course may also be selected)
Three courses with a history emphasis, one from each VISP discipline
Senior Capstone Project (4 cr)

The senior capstone project, undertaken in the student’s final year at SNC, is a project of significant weight that serves as the culmination of the interdisciplinary arts major. Ideally, the capstone will be a blending of the three VISP disciplines. The student will select a principal mentor and two secondary advisors from the divisional faculty who will help guide the project. The student, mentor and secondary advisors will together develop the criteria for evaluating success in the capstone project.