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Political Science

As social beings, humans lead inextricably interconnected lives. Political science looks at the complex connections we form with one another when we organize and govern ourselves for the good of humanity.

As a political science student, you open your eyes to human interaction. By studying people, their decisions and the powers that influence them – money, culture, religion and law, among others – you equip yourself to participate in the creation of social, economic and political systems that promote justice and improve societies.

At St. Norbert College, you can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science. You may also pursue a minor in political-science teaching.

A Political Science Degree at Work
Your study of political science gives you insights into human behavior and a strong sense of organizational dynamics – skills employers value. You can put these skills to work in any number of careers: 
  • Campaign manager
  • International-trade specialist
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Government official
  • Account executive
  • Issue advocate
  • Community organizer
  • Journalist
  • Investment banker
  • Marketer
  • Elected official
  • Legal assistant/paralegal
You also will find that your St. Norbert College political science degree prepares you well for graduate studies. St. Norbert College political science alumni have attended law school or pursued graduate degrees that netted them roles in government and higher education.

Enrich Your Political Science Degree
At St. Norbert College, you can debate current political topics and explore career options through Forum, a student political organization. You also might like to get involved in the College Democrats, the College Republicans, the Model United Nations, or other related student organizations.

Since 1996, qualified St. Norbert students have participated in the for-credit U.N. Seminar in either New York City or Geneva, where you can examine the United Nations and its importance in global power relationships.

Your academic excellence in political science may earn you entrance into three academic honor societies: Delta Epsilon Sigma, Pi Sigma Alpha or Pi Gamma Mu.

St. Norbert College’s participation in American University’s Washington Semester offers you access to internships in politics, justice and environmental policy. Internships also are available through many regional employers and government offices, and through the college’s own Strategic Research Institute, a faculty-run social science research-services firm.

Student Perspective

“I feel that my involvement on campus has made me a more rounded person and has better prepared me for the working world. Being a part of the BSU has taught me how to fight for equality and justice, and has also taught me patience. M.O.D. (a mentoring and support program for multicultural male students) has taught me to be a better person, friend and brother to those around me. It challenges me and everyone to be a better version of ourselves.”

Marcus Williams ’21
Political science major

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Alumni Perspective

Hunter Van Asten ’19 transferred to St. Norbert after he discovered that his previous institution wasn't for him. He now plans to attend Notre Dame University Law School in Fall 2019, a feat he credits to the switch he made to St. Norbert.

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Alumni Perspective

One day, my advisor suggested I give the Washington Semester program some consideration. Maybe she wanted me to see what opportunities th emost powerful city in the world had. I applied for an internship with Sen. Ron Johnson before I left campus because I thought it would be cool to work for the senator of my home state. Shortly after sending my resume and having a phone interview, I got the internship.

Ayad Al Shakhly ’18
Political science major

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