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Political science

The science of governing

Are you looking to change the world? Want to improve the world of politics — perhaps from within the political system itself? At St. Norbert College, political science majors recognize that big issues affect broad sectors of society and that politics are a way to create real and lasting change. By studying people, their decisions and the powers that influence them — money, culture, religion and law, among others — you can equip yourself to participate in the creation of social, economic and political systems that promote justice and improve societies.

Academic paths within the political science major

SNC’s political science programs address U.S. and international politics through both historical and contemporary lenses. You will receive a solid grounding in governmental and leadership ethics. Our students learn how to analyze data, think critically and look for solutions to local and global problems.

At SNC, you can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science. You may also pursue a minor in political science teaching. Students may choose to focus on international affairs, law, American politics or policy/public administration.

Love debate? At SNC you can debate current political topics and explore career options through Forum, a student political organization. Interested in policymaking? You might enjoy joining the College Democrats, the College Republicans, the SNC Law Club, or other related student organizations.

Elevate your political science education

When you pursue a political science degree at SNC, you’re encouraged to engage in collaborative research projects with your professors – on topics as diverse as refugee reception, the effect of war on indigenous people and personality and projection in politics. We’ll help guide you to apply for college internships that interest you in politics, justice or environmental policy in Washington D.C., through American University’s Washington Semester. You’ll have the chance to discover your interests through SNC’s own Strategic Research Institute, a faculty-run research-services firm.

SNC offers three academic honor societies for political science studies: Delta Epsilon SigmaPi Sigma Alpha and Pi Gamma Mu. Step up and get involved!

Have your eye on international politics? Expand your worldview through a study abroad program. Participate in the for-credit U.N. Seminar in either New York City or Geneva, study international relations in Spain or explore the history of political thought in South Africa. You'll also have the chance to explore the world while earning your degree through our study abroad program.

Major requirements


Minor requirements


Course offerings

  • I’d tell the same thing to people just starting out: Find the major that speaks to you, and eventually it’ll work out at the end. It’s all about the skills you learn and the connections you make — the way you express yourself and your qualities, and how you’re willing to learn.

    Najma Ahmed ’21

    Portrait of student
    Portrait of student

    I’d tell the same thing to people just starting out: Find the major that speaks to you, and eventually it’ll work out at the end. It’s all about the skills you learn and the connections you make — the way you express yourself and your qualities, and how you’re willing to learn.

    Najma Ahmed ’21

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Undergraduate research

Uncover new knowledge about political issues by engaging in collaborative research projects with your professors.

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Practical internships

Explore the field through internships, and find out what it’s like to put your academic training to work.

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International reach

Experience the world of politics from a global standpoint through our study abroad program.

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Learn from exceptional SNC political science faculty

If there’s one thing that SNC professors and instructors have in common, it’s a passion for teaching and sharing their expertise. You’ll also find them dedicated to providing personalized guidance that supports your academic and career aspirations. Discover the distinguished scholars you’ll be learning from.

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Your political science degree at work

Your study of political science will give you insight into human behavior and a strong sense of organizational dynamics — skills employers and graduate schools value. SNC graduates can go into careers as:

  • Lawyers
  • Elected official
  • Public administrator
  • Policy analysts
  • Legislative analysts
  • Performance analysts
  • Political staffers
  • Researchers

Future study in political science

With preparation and placement assistance from SNC, our political science students go on to pursue graduate studies in fields such as international law, American politics, library and information science, journalism, public administration, education administration and nursing. Schools they’ve attended include:

  • American University
  • Georgetown University Law Center
  • Stanford Law School
  • University of Connecticut
  • University of Notre Dame
  • University of Oregon
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Washington
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison

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