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Women’s and gender studies

Build a broader understanding of gender

How do perceptions of gender shape a person’s life? How do race, class, nationality, sexual orientation and religion intersect with gender? St. Norbert College encourages students to understand the power that gender structures have had throughout history, so that they can understand how they shape the present.

As a student of women’s and gender studies, you’ll develop a rich understanding of gender and how it intersects with culture. It will open your eyes to fundamental issues of social justice and human dignity. In turn, you’ll see a wider range of solutions and greater potential for yourself and others.

Academic paths within the minor

You can minor in women’s and gender studies by completing six courses from the program’s interdisciplinary curriculum. The minor complements a major in any number of fields including psychology, data analytics, and communication and media studies.

A degree in women’s and gender studies provides helpful context about how gender affects most aspects of life. From statistical data on wage discrimination to artistic representations of gender, you’ll make important connections that inform your understanding of the human condition.

Elevate your women's and gender studies education

Our Cassandra Voss Center (CVC) was created to serve both the college and the local community with resources and educational programming on gender. The center promotes justice with events that draw insightful speakers to campus and engage our community in meaningful dialogue on a variety of topics focused on respect, dignity and mutual care. As a women’s and gender studies student, you’ll have access to everything from intersectional anti-racism workshops to lectures about women in religious orders.

Scholarship opportunities

You’ll have the opportunity to earn additional scholarships; in fact, you may earn $1,000 in funds as part of the Cassandra J. Voss Award program in Women’s and Gender Studies.

Minor requirements


Course offerings

  • If you think about your college experience and your first year, you can basically recreate yourself. Here I’ve figured out what is important to me, what I want to prioritize.

    Molly Freye ’22

    Portrait of student Molly Freye
    Portrait of student Molly Freye

    If you think about your college experience and your first year, you can basically recreate yourself. Here I’ve figured out what is important to me, what I want to prioritize.

    Molly Freye ’22

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Undergraduate research

You’ll find the women’s and gender studies faculty eager to collaborate with you on independent research.

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Practical internships

Explore the field through internships, and find out what it’s like to put your academic training to work.

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International reach

Adopt a global perspective in gender issues and equality by seeing gender issues through the lens of another culture as part of our study abroad program.

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Learn from exceptional SNC women’s and gender studies faculty

If there’s one thing that SNC professors and instructors have in common, it’s a passion for teaching and sharing their expertise. You’ll also find them dedicated to providing personalized guidance that supports your academic and career aspirations. Discover the distinguished scholars you’ll be learning from.

Laurel Laurel

Your women’s and gender studies degree at work

Women’s and gender studies fosters critical thinking, strong communication skills and an ability to effectively lead and empower people. A nuanced understanding of gender and identity is a skill prized by organizations with increasingly diverse workforces. SNC women’s and gender studies minors have successfully pursued many different careers, either immediately after completing their bachelor’s degrees or following graduate studies:

  • Affirmative action coordinator
  • Business manager
  • Community relations director
  • Counselor
  • Human resources specialist
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Lawyer
  • Librarian
  • Patient advocate
  • Political organizer
  • Public policy specialist
  • Social worker
  • Teacher

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