Women’s and gender studies students work in the Cassandra Voss Center background

Minor requirements

Women’s and gender studies

Women's and gender studies minor

Women's and gender studies minor

WMGS 110 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

Two of the following courses:

WMGS 201 Men and Masculinities

WMGS 205 Race and Ethnicity in the Lives of US Women

WMGS / HIST 327 Women and Gender in United States History

WMGS / COME 331 Gender and Media

WMGS / SOCI 346 Intersections of Privilege

WMGS / HIST 351 Women, Gender and Imperialism

WMGS 360 Feminist Theory

WMGS / SOCI 361 Gender, Sexuality and Society

Two of the following courses:

WMGS / ENGL 206 Sexuality and Literature: Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Texts

WMGS / THRS 268 Sexuality, Intimacy and God

WMGS / ENGL 310 Race and Sex in Contemporary U.S. Texts

ENGL / WMGS 311 Women and Literature

WMGS / THRS 318 Feminist Theology

WMGS / THRS 324 Women in the Bible

WMGS / PHIL 344 Feminist Philosophy

WMGS / ART 375 Race, Gender and Contemporary Art

Total Credits Required: 24

An additional WMGS course (from those listed above or any other WMGS designated course) is required.

At least two of the courses counting toward the minor must be at the 300 level or above. WMGS 389, WMGS 489 Special Topics (designated courses), WMGS 490 Independent Study and WMGS 494 Internship may also count toward the minor, with the approval of the program director. Students may petition the program director for course substitutions.

*It is recommended that students take the Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies course before the other required courses.