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Intern, faculty and supervisor responsibilities

Student interns

  • Complete the Learning Agreement form, a set of learning objectives toward which the intern will work as part of the internship course. Each learning objective must also specify strategies for achieving it, and methods by which progress toward that objective can be measured. For help creating a learning agreement, students should work with their collaborating faculty member and on-site internship supervisor, and read Planning an Internship Learning Agreement. Students registering for an accounting, business administration or economics internship (BUAD 494) or a human services internship (SOCI 481/482) will submit the Learning Agreement in class. All other interns, submit a copy of your Learning Agreement to the office of the vice president for academic affairs. Your Special Course Registration form and copy of the course syllabus are submitted to the appropriate divisional dean before you register. The Learning Agreement should be signed by the student, the collaborating faculty member and the on-site internship supervisor. Remember to make a copy for yourself, your collaborating faculty member, and your on-site supervisor before you turn it in!
  • Attend an hour-long internship workshop on campus (date and time will be announced).
  • Complete the required time commitment at the internship site and submit a record of internship hours to the collaborating faculty member by the end of the internship course, using whatever method that has been agreed upon.
  • Perform all on-site internship responsibilities and assignments satisfactorily. While working as an intern, each student is a representative of St. Norbert College. Interns will be expected to adhere to the personnel policies of the partnering business or agency – such as dress code and work schedule.
  • Maintain contact with the collaborating faculty member, and respond in a timely manner to all official communications.
  • Fulfill all assignments or other requirements of the Learning Agreement signed by the student, the collaborating faculty member and the on-site supervisor.

Collaborating faculty members

  • If teaching the internship as a special course, review, approve and sign the prospective intern’s Special Course Registration form for an internship course. The faculty member’s signature on this form will be taken as certification by the faculty member of both the student’s eligibility to take the course and that the internship is suitable for earning academic credit.
  • Provide the student intern with a syllabus for the internship course. The syllabus is submitted with the Special Course Registration form to the appropriate divisional associate dean or dean of the business school.
  • Provide counsel and assistance to the intern in completing the Learning Agreement, a set of learning objectives to be met during the internship. The learning agreement is signed by the student, the on-site supervisor and the collaborating faculty and is submitted to the office of the vice president for academic affairs. The Special Course Registration form is submitted to the appropriate divisional associate dean or dean of the business school.
  • Facilitate contact and promote effective communication with the intern and the business or agency serving as internship partner during the course of the internship.
  • Evaluate the academic component of the internship experience, using methods agreed upon in the Learning Agreement.
  • Request and receive assessments of the intern’s progress toward specific learning goals, the execution of assignments and the performance of required internship hours from the on-site supervisor.
  • Submit a grade at the conclusion of the internship course.

On-site supervisors

The business or agency that serves as internship partner agrees to provide a safe environment for St. Norbert College student-interns – acting as an Equal Opportunity Employer, and complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act and pertinent state laws offering interns protection from discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

It is important that the internship experience directly benefits the student. The intern will not replace regular employees, but will work under the close observation of a regular employee. The business or agency provides training for the intern and derives no immediate advantage from the activities of the intern. It is understood that the intern is not eligible for unemployment benefits at the conclusion of the internship, and the intern is not necessarily entitled to a job at the conclusion of the internship.

The on-site supervisor will:

  • Provide a job description for the internship experience, detailing the kinds of work, time commitments and assignments for which the intern will be responsible.
  • Ensure that SNC student-interns working at the worksite have protection and support for any instances related to sex discrimination as well as discrimination or harassment for all other protected categories. As part of its on-going efforts to meet the requirements of Title IX, 34 C.F.R. § 106.1et seq, St. Norbert College requires assurance that Title IX coverage for our students extends to all curricular and noncurricular programs sponsored by the college. If the cooperating business or organization has policies for discrimination and harassment (encompassing sexual harassment and sexual violence) that will apply to St. Norbert student-interns, the supervisor will provide a copy of said policies to college officials upon request. The college will work with the organization to establish a Memorandum of Understanding, to be signed by the on-site supervisor or other appropriate official.
  • Review, approve and sign the objectives outlined in the intern’s Learning Agreement.
  • Certify hours worked by the student intern by means of a timesheet or other agreed-upon method.
  • Provide regular supervision and routine feedback to the intern, and make available resources, equipment and facilities that support the intern’s learning objectives.
  • Supply, when requested, a professional assessment of the student-intern’s progress toward specific learning goals and the execution of assignments, as well as an overall evaluation of the internship experience.
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