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Our faculty

At Wisconsin-based St. Norbert College, we attract scholars who love to teach and also understand the rare opportunities that exist within a four-year, residential liberal arts college.

As a student, you can expect to find professors who want to get to know you, support your learning both inside and outside of the classroom and have a genuine interest in your future. An important part of your development involves meaningful collaboration with college faculty. Our professors are here to work with you on undergraduate research projects, as well as mentor you on independent research projects and offer other types of individualized help.

Discover the amazing depth and breadth of knowledge and experience among SNC faculty:

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Albert Aitken
A.J. AitkenHead Coach Women's Hockey
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Onwuham Akpa
Onwu AkpaAssistant Professor of Social Sciences and Economics
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Anna Antos
Anna AntosAssociate Professor of Communication and Media Studies
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Lucy Arendt
Lucy ArendtProfessor of Business Administration - Management
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Donald Augustine
Don AugustineDirector of Track & Field and Cross Country
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Adam Beyt
Adam BeytVisiting Assistant Professor of Theology and Religious Studies
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Adam Brandt
Adam BrandtAssociate Dean of Natural and Social Sciences
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Barrett Bryant
B.J. BryantHead Coach Volleyball
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Paul Bursik
Paul BursikProfessor of Business Administration - Finance and Financial Management
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David Carpenter
David CarpenterAdjunct Assistant Professor of Art
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Joao Paulo Casarotti
Joao Paulo CasarottiAssistant Professor of Music - Piano
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Judy Cervantes
Judy CervantesAssociate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures
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Benjamin Chan
Ben ChanAssistant Professor of Philosophy
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Anindo Choudhury
Anindo ChoudhuryProfessor of Biology and Environmental Science
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Tim Coghlin
Tim CoghlinHead Coach Men's Hockey
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Shalisa Collins
Shalisa CollinsAssociate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures
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Miles Condon
Miles CondonAssistant Professor of Business Administration - Marketing
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Dennis Cooper
Dennis CooperOffensive Line Coach - Football
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Keith Davis
Keith DavisFaculty - Adjunct
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Omobolade Delano-Oriaran
Bola Delano-OriaranDean of Education, Community and Global Engagement
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Charles Drewek
Charles DrewekDefensive Coordinator - Football
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Yuan Du
Sabrina DuAssistant Professor of Business Administration - Finance
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Bradford Ellis
Brad EllisAssociate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures
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Michelle Falter
Michelle FalterAssociate Professor and Director of Teacher Education
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Linda Feldmann
Linda FeldmannAdjunct Instructor of Music/Voice
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Craig Ford
Craig FordAssistant Professor of Theology and Religious Studies
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Kathleen Gallagher Elkins
Kathleen Gallagher ElkinsAssociate Professor of Theology and Religious Studies
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Katie Ginsbach
Katie GinsbachAssociate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures
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Taylor Giorgio
Taylor GiorgioVisiting Assistant Professor of Music - Strings, Music Education
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Mark Glantz
Mark GlantzAssociate Professor of Communications and Media Studies
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Ryan Goggans
Ryan GoggansHead Coach Swim and Aquatics Director
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Gary Grzesk
Gary GrzeskHead Coach Men's Basketball
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Brooke Gustafson
Brooke GustafsonAssociate Director of Academic Success, Support, and Accessibility
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Nelson Ham
Nelson HamProfessor of Geology and Environmental Science
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Marc Hammer
Marc HammerAssistant Professor of Business Administration, Pre-Law Advisor and Honor Code
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James Harris
Jim HarrisAssociate Professor of Business Administration - Marketing
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John-Francis Hennecken
John HenneckenAssociate Professor of Music - Music Theory and Composition
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Jennifer Henrigillis
Jenn HenrigillisAdjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy
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Eric High
Eric HighDean for Visual & Performing Arts and Professor of Music
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Michael Holstead
Michael HolsteadDirector of Center for Norbertine Studies and Adjunct Asst Professor
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Melanie Jackson
Melanie JacksonInterim Associate Director of Clinical Experiences
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Virginia Janssen
Virginia JanssenAdjunct Instructor - Art
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David Jerrett
David JerrettFaculty - Adjunct
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Carrie Kissman
Carrie KissmanAssociate Professor of Biology and Environmental Science
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Philip Klickman
Philip KlickmanProgram Director and Associate Professor of Music - Band, Horn, Music Education
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Valerie Kretz
Valerie KretzAssociate Professor of Communication and Media Studies
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Huang-wen Lai
Huang-wen LaiVisiting Assistant Professor of Asian Languages
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John-Gabriel Licht
Gabe LichtAssociate Professor of Business Administration
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Alexia Lopes
Alexia LopesAssistant Professor of Business Administration
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Bonnie Lueck
Bonnie LueckDirector of Child Care Center
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Kristen Lukens
Krissy LukensDirector of Educational Technology
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Toni Maisano
Toni MaisanoAssistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies
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Susan McCardell
Susan McCardellAdjunct Instructor of Music/Bassoon
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Daniel McCarty
Dan McCartyHead Coach Men's Football
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Benjamin Menghini
Ben MenghiniVisiting Instructor of Theology and Religious Studies
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Seth Meyer
Seth MeyerProfessor of Computer Science and Mathematics
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Christina Mirisis
Christina MirisisAssistant Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures
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Molly Muenster
Molly MuensterAssistant Director of Academic Success, Support, and Accessibility
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Shelly Mumma
Shelly MummaDirector of the Center for Student Engagement
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James Neilson
James NeilsonAssistant Professor of Art
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Erik Nieman
Erik NiemanFaculty - MBA Adjunct
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Audrey Nowak
Audrey NowakDirector and Program Manager of Youth Orchestras
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Andrew O'Connor
Andrew O'ConnorAssistant Professor of Theology and Religious Studies
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Katherine O'Meara
Kat O'MearaAssistant Professor of English and Dir of Writing Across the Curriculum Program
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David Pankratz
Dave PankratzAdjunct Professor of Computer Science
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Benjamin Paplham
Ben PaplhamFaculty - Adjunct
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Karen Park
Karen ParkProfessor of Theology and Religious Studies
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Sarah Parks
Sarah ParksAssociate Professor of Music - Choir, Voice, Music Education
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Kent Paulsen
Kent PaulsenArtistic Director
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Amanda Perry
Amanda PerryHead Coach Women's Basketball
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David Poister
David PoisterProfessor of Chemistry and Environmental Science
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Kevin Quinn
Kevin QuinnDean of the Schneider School of Business and Economics
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Theresa Rosik
Theresa RosikMBA Adjunct
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Todd Sarnstrom
Todd SarnstromAssistant Professor of Business Administration
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Terri Schroth
Terri SchrothAssociate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures
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Stephanie Shedrow
Stephanie ShedrowAssistant Professor of Teacher Education
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Matthew Stollak
Matt StollakAssociate Professor of Business Administration
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Emily Thelen
Emily ThelenExecutive Director for Mission Integration
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Jamie Waroff
Jamie WaroffAssociate Professor of Music - Trumpet, Music Education
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Nicklas Waroff
Nick WaroffAdjunct Instructor of Music/Clarinet, Saxophone
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Zhuoyi Zhao
Z ZhaoAssistant Professor of Business Administration - Accounting
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